Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Media Coverage

The Seattle PI followed up on its initial article with another blog post today. Click below to read.

"AmazonFail Entrepreneur gets big ROI plus Criticism" by Andrea James

There are now two days left on the eBay auction. It has been viewed more than 4,400 times as of now.

eBay auction

As always, feel free to email with any questions, comments, or offers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Media Coverage, More Stats

A very savvy tech journalist at the Seattle PI has already picked up this site as a noteworthy aside to the entire #amazonfail scandal. If any other journalists (whether bloggers, newspaper writers, or whatever) would like to discuss my views on #amazonfail, this website, etc... just email

Updated Statistics:

3,883 hits at the eBay auction as of right now
9 bids
$152.50 current high bid
10+ people watching
2 days, 17 hours left until official auction close

2,000+ pageviews for
visitors from 50 countries

Coverage in media (blogs, newspaper websites, etc.) increasing

Once again, the ebay auction link is below. Check it out.

Updated Stats, 3:15 EST Wednesday

As of 3:15 EST Wednesday:

1,700 visitors to
from 49 countries
and 48 US States
and 66 people in Seattle (Amazon's HQ)

3,425 visitors to the eBay auction
8 bids
10 watchers
eBay auction mention in Seattle Post-Intelligencer, other online blogs and sites

#amazonfail hashtag back to "trending" topic #6

Don't miss your chance to get this - less than 3 days left in the auction now. National media coverage is continuing to explode.

Bid on the eBay auction:

or email with a direct offer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updated Stats

eBay auction:

1,850+ viewers
10 watchers
7 bids
3.5 days left

1,600+ viewers (tracking started after website was created)
hits on Google, Google News, Twitter, other sites

General Environment

Washington Post will feature Amazonfail story tomorrow
Mainstream media still just picking up on this

Bid or email an offer now!

Updated Statistics

Google Analytics updates stats every couple hours, and they have some new material. I figured I'd post it up here:

1,400 visits
from 44 countries
including over 900 from 46 different US States
1200+ visitors to eBay auction
10+ people watching auction
(_) private offers received

Once again, below is a link to the auction on eBay. Don't be afraid to bid or offer now.

Sell #amazonfail gear

there are already people selling #amazonfail merchandise through CafePress or other websites, but wouldn't it be nice to own THE place to get everything #amazonfail ?

shirts, mugs, stickers, and more can be branded and sold with the now-famous phrase.